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Why be a Vintage Cellars customer?

The first-ever Vintage Cellars was opened in 1951 in Adelaide by Sir Edward Hayward and Jack Edwards.

Since then, Australians have viewed Vintage Cellars as a source of top-notch booze. In 1981, however, the company was bought over by the Coles Group. The supermarket chain wanted a ready-made in to the liquor market.

Today, there are around 80 Vintage Cellars outlets in ten Australian cities, from Darlinghurst to Rushcutters Bay. But even if you are outside their footprint, you can still get their great prices by ordering online instead. Their online bottle shop has fantastic online exclusives and is easy and efficient as it gets. Plus, if you spend more than $150, you get free shipping thrown in.

Opening hours for Vintage Cellars outlets vary by location and weekday. Most, though, are opening from 9 am to 9 pm. To get details about your local store, click here.

Its affordable price catalogue matches vintage Cellars’ heritage. And so, too, does its product range which goes from beer to wine and all the spirits you would expect to find. For further information, drop by


Cheers! Vintage Cellars’ catalogue has liquor at the best prices.

Australia has never had a shortage of bottle shops. Among the most reputable of this crowded marketplace is Vintage Cellars. They have risen above more than sales figures by proving to customers they are Number One for liquor.

Vintage Cellars knows that liquor is integral to socializing and values this fact like none of their competition. The best way they know how is by keeping prices low all the time. You can get a feel for this approach by glancing at the Vintage Cellars catalogue and its incredible prices.

This fact is not lost on their loyal customers, who empty their shelves at a dizzying pace. So to not miss out on what others in Australia are enjoying, be sure to subscribe to the Vintage Cellars catalogue here. And if you think the regular prices are fantastic, wait to see their special offers. Click Bold and Beautiful to see the latest sales brochure.


At Vintage Cellars, every customer counts!

As well as thinning the blood, liquor is also well known for doing the same to your pockets. However, with Vintage Cellars, you don’t need to choose between fun and your budget. This is because Vintage Cellars have a wine club that helps you save your dollars.

If wine is your tipple, you would be well advised to check out the membership benefits and savings you can make by joining the Vintage Cellars wine club.

If Vintage Cellars prices leave you feeling a little flat, you can always compare them with other retailers such as Aldi, First Choice, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Cellarbrations, Costco, and Coles.

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