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First Choice – Exceeding expectations since birth

Given that First Choice only operates in seven locations nationwide, it's fair to say they punch above their weight in liquor retail. However, what First Choice may lack in numerous physical stores, they more than make up for online.

For this reason, First Choice is the first name on the lips of shoppers. Its impressive web presence and backend operations mean First Choice can deliver to customers in any part of Australia. Equally impressive are its online exclusives, another great reason to head to their website. So place your order right now and find out what you have been missing all this time.

Operating hours vary across locations and different days depending on local conditions. Most will be open from 8 am to 9 pm, but you can check on

If you can visit a store in person, you should also know about First Choice's Price Beat policy. This policy means that if you see the same product cheaper elsewhere, First Choice will instantly match this price. Unfortunately, this price promise is only available in-store and not something you see with other retailers very often.

You can find out more about First Choice's pricing structure by visiting their website,


Your first choice should be First Choice

If you want to get the party underway, you need liquor; everyone knows that. So if you have a party comin' up (Saturday night?), the first choice should automatically be First Choice.

Pink lyrical references aside, First Choice are one of the giants of Australian liquor retail, with a reputation for terrific deals that goes before them. They live up to their brand - and their optimistically ambitious name - by offering top-notch quality liquor at incredible prices.

It's a well-worn adage by now about having your expectations exceeded. But that is the case with First Choice and its sales catalogue.

First Choice has done much to cultivate its brand values, which is reflected in its regular specials. See the First Choice promo specials in their new catalogue. To be sure of receiving advance notice of what's going on offer, subscribe to the regularly updated First Choice catalogue here.


Liquor shouldn't consume your budget

This barely goes without saying. But why do people still pay over the odds for their booze? With First Choice, however, you can slake your thirst without parting company with any limbs. Or reducing your bank balance to a mere fond memory.

If you don't shop at First Choice, there are great deals you don't know to exist. And with Price Beat in the mix, you can be sure you are getting the best value at the lowest possible price. First, however, you need proof, so check out the latest First Choice sales catalogue here. As evidence, it's pretty much a closed case.

In the unlikely event you can't see what you need at a price you are willing to pay, take time to investigate the alternatives. You can do that best by going to the likes of Aldi, Foodland, BWS, Dan Murphy's, Cellarbrations, Costco, Coles, and so on. These competitors often run rival deals that may be on the brands you and your guests like best.

And don't overlook buying your booze at warehouse clubs or joining a wine as you can make substantial savings here too by buying in bulk.

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