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Those Mighty South Australians

A major feature of all Foodland stores is their commitment to offering shoppers the best local produce from their area. But it does not end there. Foodland also goes out of its way to offer the best supermarket experience. And you can see for yourself thanks to the network of 90 Foodland stores dotted across South Australia.

Foodland is, without a doubt, about as Aussie as it gets. They are passionate about their produce, and you won't find any imports within Foodland's own brand products. Furthermore, about half of all the produce they sell is produced within South Australia.

However, this is not to say Foodland is blinkered in any way. On the contrary, they have an amazing array of products, and on any day you visit, there will be up to 200 foodstuffs lined up for sale.

Foodland also prides itself on being part of the local community. Their interests extend beyond shopping, and typically Foodland stores support a diversity of sports clubs, schools, and charities. The company has been donated to local organisations for over half a century now. Typically, Foodland outlets annually make donations to over 100 schools, 200 sports clubs, and 250 charities.

And kudos, too, for Foodland's commitment to creating and maintaining employment for disabled South Australians. This comes about due to Foodland's partnership with Minda. So each time you spot a "Packed by Mina' logo on a Foodland own brand product, you know where your money is going. And who wouldn't want to play a part in such a commendable initiative?

Foodland stores are attuned to local needs, so store opening hours are not standardised. Some, for example, are open on public holidays. You can find out the opening times at your nearest Foodland by visiting


The best grocery deals today are in the Foodland catalogue!

Why trudge from shop to shop when you can get all your grocery shopping under one roof? Why, though, would you even want to do that in the first place is another question? Foodland is the answer, though.

Indeed, as one-stop supermarkets go, Foodland is the destination of choice for many. And alongside the undeniable convenience, you have to factor in the fantastic price deals you can get in Foodland.

Here, too, the legwork has been eliminated thanks to the Foodland catalogue bringing you news of all the latest deals.

So don't waste time; subscribe to the Foodland sales brochure and be first to hear of all the great offers. Get a heads up on the Foodland sales items before you start writing your shopping list. That way, you won't lose out on any of the fabulous weekly deals and promotions. You can check right now by clicking or tapping here.


Get the Foodland catalogue and save money

Not only do you find excellent food at Foodland, but you also can get some genuine savings. A big part of this effort is the Foodland sales catalogue to give you a heads up on which brands are currently being discounted. Thus, you reach the store with a saving strategy plan already in place. Sounds good?

Frequently, there are exclusive Foodland deals on fresh and whole foods, drinks, meat, pastries, and your favourite snacks. Plus, you would not want to snooze and lose on the Pancake Day special offers, for instance. So for sure, there are always great offers running in Foodland.

Every week without fail, you can stock up with food sold at the lowest prices. You can find everything vital you need to know weekly in the Foodland catalogue.

Sometimes you may not find the deal you want in Foodland, so take time to check other similar stores. These include Aldi, First Choice, BWS, Dan Murphy's, Cellarbrations, Costco, and Coles.

But, above all, don't forget to read next week's Foodland sales catalogue. Chances are you will be sorry if you don't bother.

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