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Grab the fantastic offer-filled Rivers catalogue

Since 1863, Rivers has been faithfully making quality clothing for adults and children. Back in the day, they weren't yet known as Rivers but were still a leading brand. But due to their popularity, they were able to scale up production and successfully continue in business. The company we know today was rebranded as Rivers in 1979.

Since then they have evolved their offering, adding e-commerce in 1999. Today, there are more than 130 offline stores where you can buy their amazing products. These include adult and children's clothing such as jeans, swimwear, knitwear, underwear, etc.

Rivers also stocks a comprehensive range of other goods, including grocery shopping, games, health essentials, accessories, games, books and pretty much everything else besides. If you want a preview of all their latest products, take a peek by clicking on Catalogue.

But don't delay following that link. There are plenty of other savvy shoppers looking at the catalogue right now. So, please don't put it off. You can home in immediately on some very tempting deals. There will be a deal that takes your fancy, for sure.

One of the central selling points for shopping at Rivers is their rewards scheme for members. Sign up, and for each dollar you spend at the checkout, you get one point. So, for example, collect 100 points and you receive a $5 gift voucher to spend on your next shopping trip. Pretty awesome, right? For further details about what Rivers has to offer, check out their website at


The Rivers catalogue

Sourcing quality clothing is not always an easy task.

Often you will find a great price, but the garment is let down by being sub-standard. On other occasions, you find the quality, but the price tag makes your eyes water. However, Rivers crosses this great divide by offering both top-notch quality and affordability.

With their great range of products from various leading brands, you can rely on Rivers to have the goods when you need them to. In addition, every week, the Rivers catalogue contains brand new additions. So it's a great move to subscribe to the Rivers catalogue, which you can do here. That way, you can ensure you are up to date on all the Rivers Boots catalogue's dazzling new offers. After all, who wants to miss a fantastic bargain?


A true Rivers tale

Rivers is nothing if not generous when it comes to their discounting. So you can shop assured that you aren't paying over the odds for top quality clothing, boots, accessories and so on. Indeed, it's not unknown for Rivers specials to reach as high as 70% off on some products.

Any Rivers sale, for that matter, will see price cuts of up to half price. It's challenging, therefore, to see a downside to this brand. Nevertheless, you can shop at Rivers right now by clicking or tapping here. If you can't find the specific item that you want, try checking out the likes of Aje, Prouds the Jewellers, Birdsnest, Nike, Cotton On, and the Glue store.

If, however, you cannot see what you need, you can check out similar stores like Prouds The Jewellers, NIKE, Glue store, Cotton On, Birdsnest and Aje.

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