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PETstock has been operating since 2002 and is a proud 100% Australian company. As you can imagine, PETstock was formed out of a love for pets. This is proved by the sheer width of their pet products and the services PETstock offers.

It may sound cliche, but PETstock is a one-stop pet solution. You can buy everything, from food to veterinary services and apparel such as jackets, t-shirts, and parkas!

As well as offline stores, PETstock has a mature web presence that allows you access to all their great products and services via There are very few Australian pet stores that can rival PETstock’s online reach. Perhaps only the bigger names like The Vet Shed and Pet Circle come close with their budget-friendly pet products.

PETstock Assist, meanwhile, is the brand’s charity foundation. It regularly donates to pet shelters and recently provided funding for Animal Welfare League Queensland to buy veterinary equipment.

Typically, PETstock stores open their doors at 9 am and close at 6 pm. These are the weekday opening times, apart from Thursdays when they remain open until 9 pm. At weekends, they close at 5 pm.


Pet equipment deals in the PETstock sales catalogue

Before you get side-tracked looking at furry friend photos in the latest PETstock catalogue, you should know it is a great reference point for all the store’s deals. So don’t miss out on deals by subscribing here if you want you and your pet to benefit. After all, no pet owner wants to lose out on these incredible price cuts.

PETstock is the place for everything pet-related, either in-store or better still, via the PETstock catalogue, which lays it all out. It’s best to know immediately when there is a PETstock sale happening.

You are guaranteed to save loads as the catalogue has all the information you need to make real savings on your purchases. You can browse the PETstock catalogue here.


Be the first when a PETstock sale launches

PETstock specials can be easy to miss if you don’t know where to find them. And mostly, they are the type of deal you will want to grab for your pet.

But the monthly PETstock catalogue is the only resource you need to track down the savings you’ve always meant to obtain when buying for your pet.

If PETstock has a close rival, it’s Pet Circle. The pair are on level pegging when it comes to stock lines. And they both offer health-specific products that are categorised based on breed type, size, flavour, etc. There’s little, too, between them on price. However, what makes the difference for PETstock is its veterinary services.

Food for thought, but can you think of other stores for pet supplies? You might want to check the likes of Autobarn, Supercheap Auto, Baby Bunting, Specsavers, Flight Centre, Repco, and Petbarn.

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