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IKEA – A rich heritage that signals an even rosier future

Are you indoors right now? If so, take a look around and try to imagine the room without furniture. And remember to imagine sitting on the floor as your chair has likewise vanished into thin air. Therefore, it doesn't take a wildly vivid imagination to see that any building would be practically uninhabitable without furniture. It would be a pretty miserable home, for sure.

Fortunately, we have IKEA. But what does that even mean, IKEA? It is an acronym from Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, and Agunnaryd. This was the name dreamt up by Swedish teenager Ingvar Kamprad when he launched IKEA in 1943 at the tender age of 17. He began selling picture frames and other household goods before focusing on furniture.

The Elmtaryd in the name is from the farm on which he grew up, while Agunnaryd is a village nearby. Due to its out-of-the-way rural location, the IKEA brochure was born in 1951. This was just one of a constant string of innovations for which IKEA has become famous. Indeed, it is self-evident that IKEA is the best in their niche. You can find out more about IKEA's intriguing history on It's well worth a drop by to discover the backstory and history of this globally recognised brand.

Gradually over the years, IKEA has widened its focus to include everything you could possibly want for your home. So, for example, IKEA Kitchen supplies kitchen appliances, wall pantries, and kitchen lights, etc. And all come with the traditional IKEA hallmark of premium quality. And you will know whatever you buy will last a long time. This is, after all, the land that gave us ABBA, Volvo, and SAAB.


Swedish style furniture at IKEA

IKEA is undoubtedly one of the very few global furniture companies. They are a genuinely multinational concern, tasking themselves with supplying quality furniture at the lowest possible prices.

For people worldwide, the brand IKEA comes to mind first when moving to a new home or giving their existing one a makeover. And not without a good reason. The IKEA sales catalogue is forever flooded with incredible cost-cutting deals.

And if you are concerned about the furniture's originality, just look at the IKEA reviews online. The company has amassed excellent ratings from customers in every corner of the globe for many years.

The acknowledged excellence of IKEA products does not come with a heavy price tag. On the contrary, IKEA consistently proves this not to be the case. Find out for yourself in the latest IKEA sales brochure. But don't drag your feet; sale items go super fast. Subscribe to the periodically updated IKEA sales brochure here to be in the loop when price cuts are revealed. It's the best way to capture some of that captivating Swedish design aesthetic.


Get more for less

Because of Ingvar Kamprad's relentless cost-cutting during the early post-war years, he was often rumoured to sell counterfeit goods. This, the accepted wisdom went, could be the only reason he could undercut his rival furniture so consistently.

Scroll forward to today, and this wisdom has been turned on its head. If goods are fakes, they are definitely not from IKEA.

However, for most people, buying furniture is usually regarded as an unfortunate but necessary pocket emptying exercise. But this does not need to be the case when you see the deals in the IKEA catalogue. Inside there are offers that aren't matched anywhere else. Taking advantage of these price reductions then means you have more to spend on other essentials. Like IKEA's world-famous meatballs, for example, which you can eat in-store or buy frozen to enjoy at home.

On the very rare occasions that the IKEA brochure lets you down, try checking these shops - Amart Furniture, West Elm, Domayne, Spotlight, Pottery Barn, etc. You may land a nice surprise.

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