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Door Plus: over three decades of top-class service

Door Plus was out there when the door revolution began. They didn't flinch; they seized the opportunity with both hands. Since 1989, Door Plus has made it a matter of honour to supply the best possible doors in Australia. The game plan has paid off and shows no signs of being deviated from anytime soon.

In its thirty-odd years of existence, Door Plus has undeniably helped improve the beauty and safety of Australian households. In addition, Doors Plus has steadily expanded across several other states from their first store in Punchbowl, New South Wales. Today, they comprise 24 stores in six Australian states, including Victoria and Queensland.

Fortunately, Doors Plus are not under any illusion that customers will have big rigs capable of taking their door purchases home. In-store they have to deliver just the same as when you shop online. So not being geographically close to an offline Doors Plus store is not an issue. You can get your door delivered to your...door.

Typically, a Doors Plus store will be open from 8 am to 6 pm every day of the week. However, there are some local variations, so click here to check on your nearest physical store.

If you can imagine any type of door, there's every chance Door Plus has it in stock. Be it glass doors, oversized doors, fibreglass doors, French doors, bi-fold doors or sliding doors, to name just a few, you will be in luck.

In addition to supplying doors, Door Plus also offers a range of related services, including painting and staining. Take advantage of this, and your door will be ready to be hung as soon as it is delivered. For further information, visit the website.


Door Plus scores market firsts with its best-ever door deals

As unlikely as it sounds, doors are no longer merely practical and functional. Today, wherever you find doors, they have taken on a modern twist. They are more than just ways to get in and out.

Indeed the 21st Century has intruded into the world of doors, giving them, in a way, a new lease of life. They are now aesthetic statements or built for insulation, style, and security. At the forefront of this door revolution is Doors Plus.

They are well known as a supplier of top quality doors for homes and offices. And it's a given that the Door Plus catalogue will carry an array of beautifully crafted doors for every setting. This unparalleled variety of doors - and the low prices - is what sets Doors Plus apart.

Regularly the doors in their sales catalogue are at price points you won't see elsewhere. But don't be mistaken in thinking the price comes at the expense of quality. You couldn't be more wrong, even for high-end luxury doors.

Taking a look at the Door Plus catalogue is also somewhat inspirational. If you are unsure what might be suitable for a particular setting, the catalogue will keep you right when choosing replacement doors or doors for a new home.

Get your hands on the latest Door Plus sales brochure by clicking here. We are quietly confident you will soon want to become a regular subscriber to avoid missing out on great deals at the checkout. You are literally on the threshold of making savings!


Door Plus cares

Door Plus is well aware of the production costs involved in high-end quality doors. However, they do everything within their power to keep prices as low as possible. In addition, Door Plus are pretty ingenious at finding ways to pass on savings to their customers. For instance, they offer a free measure and quotation service and free installation of plantation shutters. And that's even before you reach the incredible price cuts in the Door Plus sales catalogue.

If there's any company that can fulfil all your door needs, it's Door Plus. However, if that proves not to be the case, take a look at Bunnings Warehouse, Total Tools, Lincraft, Sydney Tools, Mitre 10, and Sheridan. These companies always make for interesting comparisons.

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