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Black Swallow - the chic dresser's heaven

A cursory glance at a Black Swallow boutique will confirm that the company is a serious business that delivers on its promises.

It's equally clear that they have an overarching passion for what they do. And this is to deliver the finest in women's clothing. You only need to see their collections and the brands they work with to realise this.

From the outset in 2015, when they were founded, Black Swallow strived to distinguish itself from the crowded boutique marketplace in Australia. So while rivals default to the likes of Meshki and Amoroso, Black Swallow goes its unique way. And this devotion to being different has won Black Swallow a loyal customer base. So kudos to Black Swallow for being different in this Coca-Cola age of conformity.

As you will see, their fashion collections are markedly bolder than the competition. Indeed some local newspapers dubbed their swimwear 'provocative.' The resulting publicity was great free advertising for the company and did them no harm at all. On the contrary, this free publicity partly accounts for their solid online and offline following.

Though Black Swallow gives little in terms of loyalty programs, it is relatively active in gift cards. Their flagship sales are either announced via the Black Swallow social media presence or on the official website.

However, the latest catalogue provides an excellent overview of every Black Swallow discount deal. So it's highly recommended you keep this on your radar 24/7. The catalogue will save you from having to hunt around the store for the information. Time browsing the sexy selections in the catalogue is time well spent. Not least for your purse, if not your ego as well.


Be first in the know about the latest Black Swallow deals

Women's fashion is a competitive marketplace, but one brand that is always at the forefront is Black Swallow. Black Swallow is the trendiest and always stock the most stylish collections when it comes to health, beauty, and women's fashion needs.

If you are a person who adores Black Swallow products (most of which disappear fast off the shelves, it has to be said), then you'll love the latest Black Swallow catalogue.

You can see what we mean by clicking or tapping here for the most recently available catalogues.

Or you can go straight to the hottest new catalogue right now by going here.

There you will learn about every current sale on their undeniably irresistible range of women's wear and cosmetics. Of course, the cutting edge fashion and quality of all their products is alone a major selling point. But even this is made all the more attractive by the eye-popping discounts you can capture.

If by now you are itching for some retail therapy (and who could blame you?), then go here to scratch that itch. All the vital information you need to make big Black Swallow savings is at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for?


The new Black Swallow catalogue has dropped!

Don't delay; check out the latest catalogue right now and discover every hot deal and discount Black Swallow offers. One certainty is that there will be price cuts galore across the board for women. For sure, there will be a plethora of promotions on everything from skin and hair care to makeup, clothing, and electricals. And more besides. Exciting, right?

The catalogue is a veritable treasure chest of fashion goodies at incredibly reduced prices. Maybe you have been planning to buy a sexy new two-piece? Or a risque leopard print bikini to accentuate your curves? Perhaps, you have been plotting a complete makeup makeover with a cosmetics bundle from Jeffree Star? Or maybe you just fancy a little browse to see what catches your eye?

Whatever you have been pondering lately, there's a good chance that it has been marked down by 40%. All you need do is check the new Black Swallow catalogue. Bliss!

That said, if the current issue of the Black Swallow sales brochure does not tickle your fancy, there are alternatives. Look at the likes of Terry White, The Body Shop, Priceline Pharmacy, Nutrimetics, Recreate Yourself, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, etc. Maybe these will be more to your taste instead. And a quick browse is almost sure to turn up something that catches your attention.

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